A Trio of Sims 2 Videos

I went through my Movies folder and found these little gems.

Thanks to a Castaway Stories object hacked into the real game, Mortimer Goth drinks his way to youth, but all is not well…

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Façade: Truffle Butter is srs bsns

In this quick little Façade playthrough, Grace finds out just what Scott does with truffle butter, and she doesn’t like it one bit.

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/b/ knows where you live, because of idiot designers

The Gray Lady has come out with an article on how geotags on mobile phone pictures are outing where people live and the problems stemming from this. Personally, I think the geniuses who decided to enable this by default on these devices should be fired, and have geotagged photos of their homes posted on /b/.

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Shimajiro: How To Wipe

Most of you have probably seen the infamous Shimajiro potty training video, and the updated version of said video, but now we have the sequel, which teaches little Japanese kids how to clean up after they make unchi:

(edit 2012-12-31: the video got pulled this April; some call the day 4/20, I call it Black Friday)

Unlike the other ones, this is 99 44/100% tiger-winkie free!

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Shimataro’s Breakfast

A couple of days ago, I whipped up 8 seconds of crudimentary stupidity out of a Shimajiro video:

This’ll offend somebody. I guarantee it.

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Here’s a great place to pa–oh, dear…

A couple of trucks got parked too close to the tracks for the fireworks show in Grand Rapids and got swiped by a train. At least no one got hurt this time. Next year, they should try parking a little further away from the tracks. Or maybe a lot further away.

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It’s Swarming with Maggots!

Some dumbsicle brought spoiled meat on a plane, and apparently, it was swarming with maggots. And so they had to turn around and clean up the mess. “Maggots on a Plane“. Nice…

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